The Word in Armor

Today’s message is different.  Instead of asking for a message for the Church, I prayerfully asked the Lord if He had a message for unbelievers. The answer came early this morning in a simple vision.  A man in a brilliant silver, stainless-steel armor who was covered completely from head to toe was shown. Significantly, his armor was solid, it had no seams. He had walked through a doorway and appeared to be on a mission.

This man symbolizes none other than the living Word: Jesus Christ, Son of the living GOD.  Walking through the doorway means that He is walking through the portals of heaven to earth. His armor is very telling.  Silver biblically represents the purified Word of GOD. (Ps. 12:6) Stainless Steel is also meaningful because it symbolizes His return in strength and as One who is without stain – without sin. That the armor was seamless symbolizes that it has replaced the seamless robe worn by the perfect Lamb when He walked the earth. (Jn. 19:23)

The Lord is not returning to earth like a docile lamb, as that perfect man who was sacrificially slaughtered at Calvary.  He is coming in the holiest countenance and power of the Word!  This means that everything that is written about Him in Holy Writ – from beginning to end – will be accomplished.  This explains the reason why He was symbolically shown completely covered in armor from head to toe. It signifies GOD’S complete plan of redemption from start to finish! And there are no seams – no cracks nor points of vulnerability in that solid armor – in that solid plan!

This Mighty Word is returning under the authority of His FATHER during a prophetic time of unprecedented upheaval and war.  We are living in days of grace; a time when the Lord is calling unbelievers to return to Him. This speaks of a merciful GOD who loves unfathomably, who sent HIS Son to save mankind from satanic entrapment.  HE will help those who humbly come to HIM in repentance. But for more than two thousand years, GOD has patiently waited for the lost to return to Him. Tragically many will be lost and few will answer HIS Call. (Mat. 7:14) The time of grace will come to an end – make haste carefully and seek the Lord while He can be found!

When the Lord Jesus Christ returns to earth in power and might during that prophetic time, He will overcome His enemies – all will be put ‘underfoot’. (1 Cor. 15:24-25) I am hearing that He will help His “anointed”. That is to say, He will help them stand against the wicked one as they spread His Word among all nations.

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This is a serious message for all unbelievers who live outside of GOD’S Will. And also for Believers who live a life of un-confessed sin and immorality. For all who lie, steal, kill and destroy. No one on earth will be able to stand in the Light of this Lord of Lords and King of King’s mighty countenance – in the strength of His purity – in the holy presence of His truth and justice. He will come in Righteousness and He will come with a mighty army! (Rev. 19:11-13)

Keep the Faith and Keep Believing! Suzanne


  1. Sherry Mohr

    Hi Suzanne. Question: Why would the Lord Jesus Christ be wearing armor? HE is PERFECT and has already overcome all His enemies. We are the ones who need the armor. HE is the DOOR.

    God bless you

    • admin

      Hi Sherry, The vision was received this way to symbolically demonstrate that the Lord is returning in the power and might of the Word (the silver, stainless steel armor). He returns to conquer His enemies during a time of battle – it is meaningful and fitting that He was shown wearing an armor. This is different from the armor that we, as Christians, are called to wear daily. He defeated Satan at the Cross but scriptures confirm that His enemies will all be put underfoot when He returns.

      He is the Door and He is perfect. But He is also the Eagle, the Lamb, the Lion of Judah, the Rose, the Lily of the Valley, a King. All are biblical symbolic representations of Him.

      Blessings to you,

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