Many in British Columbia are experiencing terrible hardships at this time because of this devastating flood. Please offer prayers for those who are grieving friends and family members who are still missing. Please offer prayers for those who have lost properties and farmlands.

Dearest, glorious, heavenly FATHER GOD, gently nudge those who are stricken in British Columbia and in the whole world into remembrance of YOU. Give those who mourn, hope, consolation and comfort during these times of sorrow. FATHER move people with compassion to help people – to help the weak and those who are suffering. Calm their anxieties. Quickly provide the resources and material necessary to rebuild. Give those who have suffered loss, the knowledge of the storehouse of healing and strength that lives in them because of YOU. Give them faith, warrior-like strength and courage to lift up their heads and square their shoulders for rebuilding. Restore that which has been lost and destroyed. And that when restoration comes they will know to give you thanks. This we ask with utmost thanksgiving Eternal FATHER of unfathomable Love, Grace and Mercy. In the precious and mighty name of your glorified Son of Redemption, our Lord Jesus Christ. ~

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