The following video with actual footage appeared on my television screen early this evening; it confirms a Vision and Words of Knowledge spoken in 2021. Indeed, there are strong currents of unusual flooding water that are river-like in nature physically flowing in dry and ‘dark’ desert places. Most importantly, there will be come forth a repentant people who will find favor. They will find spiritual oases in the dry and dark places of their hearts during these latter days. Fasten your spiritual seat belts because it’s starting to rain….. in more ways than one!

Crazy Footage of Flooding in Las Vegas – link:

Quoting Footage Narrator:….” water gushing into casinos and downtown streets like miniature rivers....”

Nevada – link: April 27, 2021


Victory in Nevada – June 2021

Victory in Nevada

Keep the Faith. When the Holy Spirit shows and speaks a thing, He means it! It is a warning for the people to turn from sin and seek the Lord while He might be found.