Abomination in Christian School Systems

The Garden of Eden was a place of purity and holiness where and when GOD walked and talked with Adam. Yet, it was also a place where the Serpent cleverly entered and deceived both Adam, a son made in GOD’S image, and Eve. From the beginning, it foreshadowed his relentless pursuit against the faithful genders to advance his dark kingdom. The Church should be a place of purity and holiness where Believers worship in spirit and in truth and where proper doctrine should be taught. But the Serpent and the world has infiltrated its walls in dark and nefarious ways. Its abominable effects are now trickling into the catholic school system: from elementary schools to colleges and to universities, no one is immune. As was the case in the garden, the Serpent is once again deceiving the genders with the type of sin GOD considers an abomination. But one student in Canada, is standing up to the system. I encourage you to give a listen to Josh Alexander’s story linked below.

When Darkness Persecutes – link – February 9, 2023

An update on Josh Alexander’s story – link – March 2023

Abomination in Protestant School Systems

Some Christians blame this infiltrated abomination on the flawed catholic system failing to recognize that even protestant christian churches and schools are not immune to the Serpent’s abominable influence. Carefully note that even ‘moves of GOD’ termed as ‘revivals’ are also at risk. Although they might be genuine; even accompanied with signs and wonders, the relentless serpent still moves insidiously and deceptively in this midst. It ought not be surprising when it is understood that he even infiltrated the Garden of Eden. Partaking of fruit without truth is highly deceptive. For this reason, truth with love must trump all! And it is found in GOD’S unadulterated Word and Holy Spirit of Truth made available through Jesus Christ and His finished works. It’s the only way to effectively discern the Serpent’s clever modus operandi during these latter days when many, as Jesus instructed, would be deceived. I encourage you to give a listen to two Christians who were forced to evacuate Asbury’s premises for nothing else than peacefully wearing a t-shirt promoting Romans 1:26-27. Acceptance of sin is not the fruit of genuine repentance.

An Outpouring and a Warning – linkFebruary 19, 2023

Christians Kicked out of Asbury Revival – linkMarch 2023

Keep the Faith.