Yet another Pastor arrested for upholding the Word of GOD and for voicing his concern to protect our innocent children from the abomination of Dra* Quee* Sho** and transgenderism. If you feel moved, I encourage you to pray for Pastor Derek in Calgary, Canada. Also, pray that authorities will recognize the errors of their ways and come to their senses. The Word Brutality has been spoken. It is a word that is derived from the word Brute which is an animal. In brief, this Pastor is being handled like a mistreated animal instead of a civilized and dignified human being. And, most importantly, also one who is a Believer made in the image of GOD. It is an atrocious affront to our FATHER and Christ the Lord.

Calgary pastor arrested protesting new law limiting anti-drag show demonstrations – Link

Keep the Faith. There is a higher court that reigns supreme over all earthly courts. And, according to the Word, woe be to those who shackle innocent hands and forcefully bend the knees of the righteous.