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“And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.” (Mat. 24:12)

Recently a vision was shown of a fire fiercely burning a large pile of wood.  I waited for a confirmation and prayerfully asked the Lord to “show me” the interpretation when immediately the following Words were spoken:  “I Will.”  I waited. Then today I was sent an email with an article, dated July 20th, revealing that 48 + Canadian Christian churches have been burnt with fire or have been vandalized and desecrated during the last two months. And there on the first page of that article was a picture of a fire burning a large pile of wood – a burnt structure of what was once a Christian church.  As the Spoken Word had so well confirmed, I was being shown the meaning of the vision.  

In another vision just before receiving the email, I saw a candle set on a candlestick.  But there was no fire – no light.  Then another vision of a large table with, again, the candle and holder.  It was positioned at the head of the table.  Once more, there was no fire, there was no light.  There was no food on the table and there were no chairs.  I was told in the Spirit that the candles related to the pile of burnt wood.

The table represents a place where food or the Word of GOD is partaken. In this case it was indicative of a religious Christian setting. The candlestick positioned at the head of the table speaks of leaders who no longer have churches to preach the Word – the light of the Word has been extinguished.  That there was no food on the table with no chairs means that the Word is no longer available and that the congregations have no place to gather.  

Although there has been public denouncement against these attacks, governmental response remains mediocre in this respect. Had these attacks been perpetrated on faiths other than Christianity, politicians would strongly speak out in protest and take immediate action.  So far, neither have these 48 + burnt and or vandalized churches received the media coverage and empathy they should have. And this is a huge problem because there will be no legal precedents put in place for future burnings and desecreation against any Christian churches, regardless of beliefs and denominations.

The National Post: Burning Church in Canada/Shane Mackichan

The destruction and desecration of these churches are deliberate attacks on Christianity and the innocent victimized Christians who attended them, This vision was shown to confirm that the love of many have grown cold and it is yet another serious marker and sign of the latter days.

For their heart studieth (devise) destruction, and their lips talk of mischief. (lies and slanders to injure people or bring them profit) (Prov. 24:2)

“Hell and destruction are before the LORD: how much more then the hearts of the children of men?” (Prov. 15:11)

Keep the Faith, Suzanne