Because I have stopped listening to televised news more than one year ago, I had no idea Mount Semeru had erupted 4 days ago.

Although there is seismic and volcanic activity occurring around the world, a recent vision in November showed an actual volcano erupting. The vision accompanied a Spoken Word that confirmed an imminent volcanic eruption.

I firmly believe that these prophetic visions are shown to witness to those who do not believe that we are living in the last days of the latter days and for the faithful so they can be warned. It is reported that failure by the authorities to warn surrounding villages could have prevented deaths. GOD is good and merciful; there are no warning failures with HIM – HE warns HIS people ahead of time.

“SUMBERWULUH, Indonesia, Dec 6 (Reuters) – An Indonesian volcano was active again on Monday, spewing out hot clouds of ash, two days after a powerful eruption killed at least 22 people and left dozens missing. Mt. Semeru, the tallest mountain on the island of Java, erupted dramatically on Saturday shooting a towering column of ash into the sky that blanketed surrounding villages.”

Time of Sorrows: Volcano – link:

Time of Sorrows – Volcano

Keep the Faith, Suzanne