I have been guided to revisit this post:

Credit: Pxfuel

Two days ago In a dream, I heard a sound and felt strong vibrations. My senses were heightened and the dream appeared like it was unfolding in real time. Next, I am hovering over the ocean and I am observing something being dragged out from the bottom.  The sound became louder. Suddenly, a helicopter powerfully bolted out from under the water and deposited something onto a large dock.  And there on the dock standing straight up were bundles of wheat!  Some stalks were tall, some stalks were medium in size and others were shorter. I curiously wondered how wheat could have become stuck on the ocean floor. And as though my question was being addressed, the dream continued. Next, I find myself standing underground (somewhere in or under the sea) looking inside a chamber that contained something dark. I peeked through the door and saw a dark herculean-sized serpent. As though protected by Divine Providence, I felt no fear. My answer was shown and the scene confirmed what was known all along.  End of dream.

Helicopters, unlike planes, conduct more specialized assignments.  Among other functions, they are used in the military and for search and rescue missions. Unlike planes they have a minimal of two revolving blades positioned at the top. From a biblical perspective, they represent the sharp double-edged Sword and living Word of GOD operating in the spirit realm (Heb. 4:12). And this was the sound I recognized and heard in the Spirit.

Briefly, these helicopters emblematically represent the angels who fulfill GOD’S Word. (Ps. 103:20-21) They also point to spirit-filled ministries and witnesses who work in synergy with the angels during the final harvest. From a biblical perspective, the sea represents the fallen prostituted system of this present world, led by corrupted governmental and religious leaders and populated by people from all nations. (Rev. 17:15; Ps 2) From these nations, Believers symbolized as wheat are being harvested during the end times to populate the New Kingdom. And despite being in close proximity to the Serpent’s influence, they continued to persevere in the faith and have reached different levels of spiritual maturation (different size of wheat stalks).

This is yet another dream pointing to these latter days. Spirit-filled ministries, witnesses and angelic hosts are busy in the harvest fields which will eventually coincide with the coming great and dreadful day of the Lord. The battle for souls will become even more fierce in coming days because the angered and worried Serpent knows his time is drawing short. Yet, at the time of this dream he was shown as being temporarily sequestered (in a chamber); most likely until the angels complete their assignments and GOD’S plan is fulfilled up to a specific time. His influence, although presently very strong, is nonetheless still limited. But as the Word teaches, he will be released from his contained quarters. And having even greater wrath, all of hades will break loose with him – it will be an unprecedented time of evil and of upheaval on planet earth. But as the learned faithful know, it will also herald a coming time when the Lord will make His supreme appearance as the Lion of Judah. Then He will destroy the wicked with the breathing Sword of His mouth and the unfathomable brightness of His glory: His glorious countenance. (2 Thess. 2:8)

We are still living in days when many can become heirs of the New Kingdom. And it makes sense that GOD has put a merciful pause on ‘time’ so that all who are being called will hear and be converted. Nonetheless, time runs….

Keep the Faith. Always!