Visions of actual people with particular physical conditions have generally not been posted here.  These visions might not only be calls for prayers; perhaps they need to be released publicly.  It is not that I search for someone ill to heal – it just comes naturally through the Holy Spirit. With this in mind, someone, a man, with a problem in the right leg was shown lying on his back. The respective leg had been bent at the knee as though a physician were examining it.  I am seeing healing come into that leg from the thigh to the ankle.  But the emphasis was clearly in the area of the knee. 

We are called to heal by the laying of hands (2 Tim. 1:6) – I cannot do this in the natural because your identity is unknown to me. But I am crossing natural barriers with prayers today in the precious holy name of Jesus Christ the great Physician. Most Glorified Son of our Heavenly GOD and FATHER.

Receive with faith your healing today in no other name and by no other influences but by the Spirit and Power of the resurrected Lamb and Lord Jesus Christ.  Be converted in Him, be healed in and through Him, be free and give thanks to GOD. Daily! You are called to no longer walk in the natural but to walk in faith and with belief. Daily!  You are called to trample your feet on serpents and lions of defeat and illnesses. Stoke the healing fire with absolute belief. Healing is yours by faith, rejoice and receive it. In the name of Jesus.

Keep the Faith, always.

All glory be to GOD in and through HIS Son Jesus Christ. Thank you, thank you Lord. Amen and Amen.