Minister in the Field (Spoken Words of Knowledge)

In a dream yesterday someone is knocking at my door. Before opening, I looked through a large window and noticed that there is snow outside (that is the case here in real life. ) At the door stood a crowd of people either looking for someone or for something.

The crowd represents people interested in seeking GOD’S truth – the unbelievers, the lost and the lukewarm. The window is a spiritual lens of understanding to the outside world. And finally the snow means that the fields (the world) are white to harvest during these present and latter days of changes and upheaval. (Mat 13:38; Jn 4:35)

In brief, this means that those who have been in the stages of preparation are ready to minister the Gospel of the Good News in the field which is the world. In this case, seekers will be drawn to seek those whom the Lord will guide them to find. But! I am also seeing a large moving truck: A multi-wheeled rig that symbolizes a work and a strong ministry that will be on the move as well. So a mix of both! (smile) Praise GOD with thanksgiving always.

Keep the Faith,