This vision was shared with a few Believers a couple of weeks ago but I opted to wait for a confirmation before posting it. The confirmation came this morning after having read a critical news report dated January 12, 2024.

The Vision

In that distressing vision, a small child was suddenly thrown onto a chair. As it landed on the seat, it fell backwards with its back striking the chair’s backing. The backing was designed with a video of some kind that displayed dark skyscrapers, a very dark city of some kind – in brief, this fallen world.


CBN reports that the World Health Organization has given transgender activists “a majority of seats” in drafting healthcare policies for children. Most of them having no medical background. Clearly, the child represents this young generation and one that is being thrown against its own volition – including that of parents – into a world that will cause them to backslide because of these policies. Consider the following two links:

Nightmare: World Health Organization Picks Trans Activists to Set Global Child-Rearing Rules – Less Than Half of Panel Has Medical Background.

The United Nations healthcare agency—the World Health Organization (WHO)—has given transgender activists a majority of the seats in a panel that is drafting healthcare policies for children … One of them is reportedly a controversial Canadian trans activist….(source CBN, full story below)

Indoctrination of the Lambs – previously posted link

Parents, and we as Believers everywhere, have an obligation and responsibility to protect the innocent Lambs against the forces of this fallen dark world. Discern the grassroots agenda. Discern the global agenda. Stand up for righteousness sake. Get involved. Occupy!

Keep the Faith, Suzanne