Two days ago, a morning message entitled “North of Israel” was posted to this blog. In that message, Words of Knowledge “It Will Happen From The North” spoken in 2000 were brought to my remembrance all week. It was for good reason Two days ago, Amir Tsarfati – Host of Behold Israel – reported that Israel intercepted two UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) that were targeted at very sensitive locations in Israel by Hezbollah (located in the North and in Lebanon). Had Hezbollah been successful, it would have had tragic and devastating consequences for Lebanon’s capital city, Beirut, as further explained by Amir. (The audio pertaining to this subject is found by scrolling the ticker line at the 3:54 time mark.)

What is the Point of Today’s Message?

In addition to confirming Words of Knowledge, it is to bring to Light that Hamas and Hezbollah are treacherously infecting and putting at risk any town, city and nation in which they operate. Their hatred to destroy GOD’S people spares no one; including their own civilians in these regions who are being used as human shields (women, elderly, children and babies are not spared). Be informed and take care to not get caught up in the deception of this antisemitic serpent that is crawling around the world; that is now openly parading its agenda in our streets.

Let us who are Christians stand in the gap and pray for the Peace of Jerusalem – for the Peace of Israel. Most importantly, for GOD’S Will to be done in all things. That all may come to the saving grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ – Messiah, Lord of Lords, King of Kings and Savior.

Keep the Faith, Suzanne ❤ +

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