Subsequent to a terrorist attack on a Catholic bishop, a Word of Knowledge was given on April 17th, 2024, that persecution would be “trending” regardless of religious practices. It was brought to my attention this evening that yesterday a Pastor in Pennsylvania was attacked at gunpoint. But by the grace and protection of GOD, the weapon jammed long enough for someone to tackle the offender who was disarmed. (On May 5th, 3 NYC Synagogues were under bomb threats including more than two dozen houses of Jewish worship claiming to have received bomb threats by emails.)

To Note: Viewer discretion advised.

All this to say that GOD being ever so merciful warns HIS people ahead of time. Praise GOD! These attacks are signs pointing to the lawlessness associated with the latter days. Pray for continued guidance and protection over your families, homes, churches, cities and nations.

A Warning: Christian Persecution – April 17, 2024 – Link

Keep the Faith, Suzanne ❤✝

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