By no small coincidence the following message, beautifully narrated by Derek Prince, appeared in my news feed. It furthermore confirms in meaning the Cross of Light relating to the Rapture and the Door experienced recently in a dream involving a time of nuclear activity. There is a “way” of escape and of rest now when confronting adversarial attacks of any kind…..and there will be a greater Doorway available during a time of great destruction.

GOD works in a timely and in awesome, awesome, ways to confirm HIS truth. If that doesn’t give Believers cause to be hopeful and joyful even, what else will? There is no One else and nothing else but the Lord Jesus Christ and His finished works on the Cross. He is the way to the truth and to eternal life.

Praise be to GOD, always.

Keep The Faith, Suzanne ❤ +

Dove of Revelation YouTube