On October 17, 2023, days after Hamas attacked Israel, a vision of a double outpouring of the Lord’s Spirit for Gentile nations and for Israel was shown. (Link appears below this paragraph). Since then reports of outpourings – even in Iran – have taken place. But how exciting to hear it being confirmed in Israel despite the outbreak of war there (video is appended below at the end of this post). How exciting for Jews and Gentiles alike! Is the Lord sending a message? Yes, and a strong one at that! He is only beginning to pour out His Spirit for all who will receive Him. And He, is for sure, calling and preparing His Church and People to help advance His Kingdom in anticipation of His return as the King over all Kings. (Is: 9:6-7)

Jewish and Gentile Outpourings – link:

Video: Israel Witnessing Revival Amid Hamas War?

Keep the Faith, Suzanne ❤ ✝

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