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While watching and listening to a panel of televangelizing Pastors discussing aspects of the New Covenant this morning, I was shown rich, gold-colored oil pouring out from a white scoop.


This is a visionary case of Spirit bearing witness with Spirit and with the Word. The white scoop symbolizes a vessel of righteousness and the oil symbolizes the anointing of the Holy Spirit.  By analogy, oil symbolizes the Light of truth that illuminates and gives a greater understanding of the Written Word.  Oil, is also symbolic of wisdom, knowledge, understanding, healing and sanctification.  And oil, when combined with fire, is symbolic of the Holy Spirit baptism by fire and the anointing of the prophetic office upon a Believer – a subject for another message. It is the golden essence and substance of GOD the FATHER, flowing through the Son, through the Holy Spirit on down to accommodating Believers on earth.

When referring to the Kingdom, Jesus spoke about the parable of Ten Virgins chosen to participate in a heavenly wedding.  Five were anointed and wise and five were foolish.  The latter had fallen asleep and had no oil for their lamps; they were not prepared nor ready to meet the bridegroom (Jesus). In brief, they had not been spiritually activated because they had no oil. Consequently, they missed attending the greatest marital invitation ever extended by GOD.  The parable conveys the importance of remaining awake in the Holy Spirit and in the Word daily! It is yet another important biblical marker of latter day events that ultimately lead to the marriage supper of the Lamb.

Praises to you GOD our loving FATHER for making it possible for your people to receive the Holy Spirit through your precious and most holy Son’s finished works on the Cross. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for making it all possible at such a great and terrible cost to yourself. Amen. ~

Recommended Reading:  The Parable of the Ten Virgins: Matthew 25:1-13. 

We are witnessing awesome days of GOD’s latter-day outpouring of HIS Spirit as written in Joel 2:28!  Such an anointing oil of gladness!

Keep the Faith,