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Dreams or visions are often given as warnings that can manifest within two levels of existence: the physical and the spiritual. They are often a call for prayers, to prepare and seek divine intervention. I believe the vision “Famine in the Land” was, on the physical level, such a warning because the grain product was, in fact, whole wheat. This vision is already coming to pass as prices have already doubled. Large and impoverished families will struggle with this wheat increase as it is considered an affordable and nutritious food staple. At worse, it will affect everyone. Importantly and on the spiritual level, the vision stresses the importance of partaking of the most nutritious food of all: the Word of GOD.

As War in the Ukraine disrupts global wheat supplies, what can Canada do to help?

As Martin gets his machinery ready for planting, he’s watched the price of wheat increase more than 50 per cent since Ukraine was invaded, jumping to 14-year highs……if the war continues, farmers won’t be able to plant or harvest crops this spring. If Russian troops block access to the Black Sea at the main port of Odesa, the supply of Ukrainian wheat already in bins will be disrupted.

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Famine in the Land

Keep the Faith in the Lord’s finished works, it is of the utmost importance. Pray for a swift and peaceful resolution between Russia and the Ukraine.