Credit: Pxfuel

Prayers are needed for the war in Ukraine.  I am hearing the call to make this request known – please, wherever in the world you are, do not disregard it.

If Believers could see with their physical eyes the effects of heartfelt prayers, they would pray all the time!!  You might not always see these effects with your physical eyes yet but one day you will! Gain confidence in your prayers knowing that GOD hears them.  Increase your praise for GOD because HE inhabits the praises of those who pray.  Make your prayers personal.  Believe in the omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence of GOD.

Please continue praying for the best of all outcomes for the Ukraine.  Pray for a ceasefire and a resolution at the negotiation tables.  Pray that GOD will open the hearts and awake those in positions of authority who can make a difference. Pray that Christ our Intercessor will send His mighty angels of the Light to push back the destructive forces and “massacre” that is going on in that area of the world (spoken Word of Knowledge). I am also hearing the word “cannibal”. Dearest Lord, have mercy. Pray for Peace in accordance with GOD’S divine Will. Importantly, pray “in the name of Jesus”.  I am also hearing “music” – pray to the Lord with songs of deliverance and with worship music. And always, always pray with thanksgiving.

Massacre: an indiscriminate and brutal slaughter of people. (Oxford Language online)

Cannibal: An animal or human that feeds on the flesh of its own species. (Oxford Language online)

Students of Bible prophecy will recognize and understand how symbolically accurate these Words of Knowledge really are.

As Believers it is our responsibility to answer the call to prayers. It magnifies GOD, it blesses others and it will bless you.

Pray for the conversion of the human heart.

Thank you kindly and GOD bless.

With Faith in Christ,