Lands and Diamonds

A couple of days ago in a vision I was shown what appeared to be a map of some kind. A cluster of states or nations joined together by straight lines appeared in my field of vision. Below this scene, a woman’s left hand was also shown. The bridal finger was adorned with a large sparkling diamond set in bright gold with a matching gold band.

New Kingdoms

I always remain cautious about not adding nor taking away from the Book of Revelation for obvious reasons. (Rev. 22:18)   Without quoting the actual verses, it was reasoned that the cluster symbolizes nations of this world that are already becoming the kingdoms of our GOD.   And yet I am wondering how that can be considering the evil and corruption that is so pervasive in all nations today. Furthermore, the Book of Revelation appears to teach that the the New Millennial Kingdom is only established at the Lord’s Second Coming following 7 years of great tribulations. When in doubt wait it out and so I did….until this morning.

A Defining Moment

Something was said this morning that helped unlock the meaning of the vision. Though the Lord will establish His Kingdom in its entirety following the Great Tribulation, it makes sense that He is still and already territorial’izing (for lack of a better word) His bridal company in particular states and nations. A Bride composed of a company of faithful Believers who will return and reign with Him when He finally establishes His New Millennial Kingdom on earth. [It is also worth noting that the cluster of joined lands appeared on the left side – perhaps it points to the western hemisphere of the world?]


This Morning….More

In an early morning vision a large picture window with a soft wind blowing through opened and flowing white sheered curtains was shown.  The following Words of Knowledge were spoken:   “Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ – Many [are] in Darkness”

Wrapping It Up

In consideration of all the above, I am concluding that we are still in the stages – albeit the very late stages – of the gospel being preached throughout the world for the purpose of gathering all who are called to be the Bride. Until then, the Lord being ever merciful is calling His laborers to continue to witness the pure, unadulterated and reconciling Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to all who are still in darkness. And then the end will come.

And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come. (Mat. 24:14)

Recommended Reading: Matthew Chapter 24

Keep the Faith. There is a great work going on – let us all take care not to miss it!