In a dream this morning, a scene appeared in front of me. About 3 to 4 – perhaps more – rows of male bodies lying on their backs hovered there. And about another 3 to 4 – perhaps more columns appeared beneath them. They were dark in appearance and they did not appear to be sleeping…. Accompanying words of knowledge: Hamas.

When I asked whether I should post this dream, the following Word of Knowledge was spoken: Quick.

I am not at this point presenting the interpretation – although obvious.

To those brave Israeli soldiers on the front lines fighting – never, ever underestimate the diabolic plans of the enemy. Do not let your guard down – do not become the target! Plan for the unexpected – I am hearing: Prepare. Be wise, seek GOD’S guidance through Jesus Christ, be prudent and of strong courage. Our prayers go with you.

This post will most likely be revisited.

Keep the Faith, Suzanne

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