An article released today, November 21/2023 by BCN, was brought to my attention this evening. It confirms a dream posted yesterday morning entitled: Diabolical Levels – you can read about that dream here.

More Miracles In Gaza

The skies opened up … large amounts of water poured down, and entered the terrorist tunnels of Hamas. Multiple Hamas terrorists drowned while hiding inside underground bunkers...” -IDF spokesman (News Source: BCN)

Video Credit: TBN

In the same article, BCN reports that many Muslims (Gentiles) are converting to Christianity. This confirms the double outpouring shown in a vision on October 17/2023 entitled: Jewish and Gentile Outpouring. Prophecies are for sure being fulfilled quickly. You can read about that vision here.

BCN’s article entitled “Miracles in Gaza” can be read in its entirety here.

Water is being poured out in more ways than one.

Keep the Faith, it’s what keeps all who are His. Suzanne

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