Another match against Israel was lit again yesterday when it was reported that a resolution was passed by the United Nations’ Security Council which demands an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. The Biden administration, in a retreating move against Israel, abstained from voting which allowed it to pass. As a result, Benjamin Netanyahu cancelled a planned trip to Washington by an Israeli delegation of top officials. Regaling in victory, Hamas declared that Israel is losing global support in their favor.

Hamas’ diabolical attack against Israel in October (acts of terrorism too horrific in nature to be posted in this blog) is a fire that will spread itself in the backyards of America, Canada and other nations. Clearly the devil is in the works and it is yet another marker alerting us to the fact that we are living in the last days of the latter days.

UNITED NATIONS/CAIRO, March 25 (Reuters) – The United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution on Monday demanding an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian militants Hamas after the United States abstained from the vote, sparking a spat with its ally Israel. (Source: Reuters)

A warning involving Netanyahu was posted on March 20, 2024, at the following link.

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