The Words ‘Israel In the Line Of Fire’ came to mind very early this morning when suddenly the following Word of Knowledge: “Accelerate” was spoken. And with it the instructions to post this message “Now”.

Accelerate: Increase in amount or extent. Similar: To speed up, hurry up, get faster. move faster, gain momentum, increase in speed, to step up, get worse…..Physics: to undergo a change in velocity as in “an accelerating electron radiates off some of its energy” (Source: Oxford Dictionary)

No doubt encouraged by the recent U.N. resolution and leaders who have withdrawn military support, Iran’s proxy ally (Hezbollah) is accelerating its attacks. Time is of the essence for this nation. I encourage you to pray for Israel. Pray that GOD will grant its Leader and its people wisdom; that HE will give them divine strategies and guidance in the name of Jesus Christ. Most importantly, pray that they will recognize and accept their Messiah while time permits. GOD bless and thank you.

Hezbollah Rockets Slam Israel:

Keep the Faith, Suzanne + ❤

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