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The Apostasy of Our Time

And Jesus said, ‘I tell you, unless you repent you will all likewise perish.’” ( Lk. 13)

In a vision this morning, I was shown a white bathtub containing dirty water.  Accompanying spoken Words of Knowledge:  “LUKE 13”.  While waiting to hear more, the Words  “THE CHURCH” were spoken.


This message is for the Church.  A message bearing a critical warning. A message that conveys judgement but at the same time calls to right what is wrong on so many levels. It is as much personal as it is corporate and has political and religious application on a worldwide scale.

The bathtub is a place of cleansing.  That the water was dirty symbolizes the importance of being cleansed from sin. It also conveys that it is time to pull out the plug, to let the dirty waters flow down the drain and let the bathtub be replenished with the clean unadulterated waters of the Word and the Holy Spirit! It is a time to be cleansed from the dirt of the world and it is a time to be rejuvenated and renewed in the healing waters!

From reading Luke chapter 13, it is understood that the waters of true repentance have been muddied for too long with the mixture and filth of the counterfeit.  It has been muddied by apostate, hypocritical, religious authorities whose false doctrines promote legalism. And whose earthly doctrines, laws, false prophecies and teachings are unable to cleanse – to heal – a Believer unto true repentance. Jesus also spoke about the influence of corrupted political authorities upon the church.  This is clearly seen when Pilate was singled out for having mingled the blood of the Galatians with the holy sacrifice. Pilate, it seems, had appropriated the treasuries of the temple for his own filthy lucre and profit. History repeatedly bears proof of the negative impact that corrupted religious and political authorities can impose upon a people. And history is fated to repeat itself until the Lord subjugates all powers unto Himself and returns a new Kingdom to His Father.  (Dan. 12:7; 1 Cor. 15:24)

In Luke 13, Jesus speaks of the narrow way that leads to eternal life and that few would find it.  In a dream a few months ago I was shown people waiting outside somewhere and standing at a gate.  But only one who had repented according to the finished plan of salvation was allowed through the narrow gate.  Those others on the outside recognized Jesus as Lord but they were still workers of iniquity.  To them Jesus will outrightly declare:

….I tell you I do not know you where you are from.  Depart from me all you workers of iniquity.  There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth”. (Lk. 13:27-28)

In Luke Chapter 13, we importantly learn that all have sinned regardless of rank, authority and deceiving external appearances!  And twice Jesus declared: “Repent or Perish”.  The clarion call to repent is sounding louder because the Lord is separating His people from a corrupted society. And the people worldwide, including religious and political authorities have been given so much time and opportunity already to choose which side to stand on.  GOD has been unimaginably and mercifully patient.  Yet nothing corrupted; nothing with mixture, nothing with leaven, nothing with sin, can enter the New Kingdom!

It can be a difficult time for the repented Believer right now  – even if you are standing on the right side – because Satan knows his time is drawing short and he is intensifying his attacks on the remnant who keep the word of the Lord.  But those whose hearts have been renewed through repentance recognize the apostasy of our time.  And although GOD has been patient, Luke 13 clearly teaches that there will an appointed time when multitudes will be cut off. To the faithful, I encourage you to continue to abide in the Blood of the Lamb, in the fruits of the Holy Spirit and be those awesome and blessed holy trees of righteousness!  To those still on the outside: God is loving and merciful; there is still time for you but the hour is getting late.

“Come out from amongst them and be separate, says the Lord. Do not touch what is unclean. And I will receive you. I will be a Father to you, And you shall be my sons and daughters says the Lord Almighty.” (2 Cor 6:17)

And I heard another voice from heaven saying ‘Come out of her my people lest you share in her sins and lest you receive of her plagues’.”  (Rev. 18:4)

Keep the Faith, Suzanne


  1. Marc

    Hi Suzanne,
    What a timely message for these latter days. The governments of the world have bent to the whims of the wicked. Our societies have corrupted themselves and need thorough cleansing. We are in the days as those in the time of Sodom and Gomorrah.
    All manner of lasciviousness exists in our societies. Nothing is exempt from being made unpure.
    God is all-suffering, patient and forgiving. But He has a limit in enduring the sins of men.
    The call to repentance is the the only way to salvation. The fires of the Abyss are burning. The time is nigh. Those who turn from the Grace of God will be tormented for eternity.
    We are already in the Days of Sorrows spoken in Scripture. The time is short before the days of the Great Tribulation will be at hand.
    Let all who want to escape the Wrath of God get on their knees now, and ask the Lord for forgiveness, with a repentant heart. This is not a joke, or scare tactic. The Word of God is infallible, and was written from the beginning of creation. Let those who have not yet accepted the call of the Lord unto repentance of sin to salvation ponder this question.
    Which side will you be on in the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord’s Return? Your answer will determine your fate. Choose well.

    • admin

      Hello Marc,
      We are witnessing days of great changes; as you well noted, the days of sorrows are beginning. GOD is so loving and patient, HE calls and calls a people unto Himself. And yes, indeed, how will we respond and which side will we choose? We all have free will – hopefully it will used for the right cause. The cause of GOD and HIS plan of salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ.
      Keep the Faith, Suzanne

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